Good Writing Matters

Whether online, in a company brochure or a press ad, your customers will usually read about you before they meet you. How you talk to them across all media matters more than you might imagine, because it’s where you make your first impression.

Getting it right means changing your tone and content depending on the medium. If it’s online, you need to be short, concise, to the point. In your company brochure, you have more time and space to linger for a longer conversation. Wherever you’re meeting, you need to engage. You need to keep your reader interested and alert until they’ve truly understood what it is you want to say about your business.

At Copyworks, we have the skill and experience to identify the tone required for the medium, carefully clarify the message, and creatively craft the kind of copy that will make your customers and clients warm to you from the start.

Who’s the copywriter at Copyworks?

Ríonach O’Flynn spent her formative years in advertising as a full-time copywriter, working for companies including McConnells in Dublin, Bartle Bogle Hegarty in London, Saatchi & Saatchi in Hong Kong and Singapore and Leo Burnett in Hong Kong. She then spent several years in Paris as a freelance copywriter working primarily for digital agencies such as Tequila, Wunderman and OgilvyOne, originating copy in English, and also adapting French campaigns for the English-speaking market. Ríonach’s work has been recognised at the British Television Awards, D & AD, Hong Kong 4A’s Awards, Australian Writers & Art Directors Awards, Cannes International Advertising Festival and Irish International (Sharks) Advertising Awards.

Now back in Ireland, Ríonach continues to produce copy for clients in both Ireland and France for websites, brochures, press ads, company reports and anywhere else good writing matters.

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